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The Piña Festival takes place every year in the beautiful city of Sanremo, giving life to five days of uninterrupted music in two breathtaking locations: the Forte Santa Tecla, once a prison and now a place for artistic exchange, and Piazza San Costanzo, located in the old town of Sanremo with an national & international line up, giving spaces to new talents on the stages.

This creates a mix of traditions and the new generation, enriching the intrinsic history of the city more and more each year.

For this project, I teamed up with my dear friend Giacomo Arrigo.

We aimed to convey the blend of tradition and modernity through photos and videos by choosing to mix different mediums.

Thus, we created photos in 35mm and digital formats, and videos that utilized VHS alongside both old and modern cameras, here the result...

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