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What's the meaning of Komorebi?

The Japanese word Komorebi means: 'When the sunlight shines through the leaves of trees'

The tranquility and magic of an intimate clearing in a forest, is the place where  Komorebi is playing music and sharing love on july.

A concept of celebration that is based on the conscious enjoyment of the surrounding environment, which becomes an integral part of the celebration itself.

Three days of pure emotions, an atmosphere of friendship and love, the sharing of a natural space and the feeling of being part of something beautiful. 

This year I had the fortune to be there and have the opportunity to narrate it to you with my camera

Hope you'll enjoy !

Thanks to the wonderful souls I met there who went straight into my heart,

from the organizers,  the DJs, to the spectators:

we were all on the same level, we all loved each other equally

one of the most beautiful and truly festivals I have ever experienced 

Toute représentation ou reproduction intégrale ou partielle (capture d'écran) faite sans le consentement de l'auteur ou de ses ayant droit ou ayant cause est illicite pour l'Article L-122-4

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